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IGN: ChronicSquid
By ChronicSquid » 10 months ago

MCDiamond Network Bugs/Glitches

To properly report a bug, please copy and paste the below text grouping into a new thread and fill in the necessary sections. Alternatively, you may head over to to submit a report

Minecraft Username:
Version of Minecraft:

Are you running Forge?
Mineopoly Server Number:
Time of Occurrence:
Please describe what happened:

How might we re-create what happened?

Anything else we should know?


Example Thread

Minecraft Username: ChronicSquid
Rank: Battleship
Version of Minecraft: 1.12.2
Are you running Forge? Yes
Mineopoly Server Number: m-2
Time of Occurrence: 6:20 pm EST
Please describe what happened:
A mysterious narwal came flying outta my hotel!
How might we re-create what happened?
When you are on Boardwalk, and you upgrade your property to a hotel, a narwal will come flying out!
Anything else we should know?
Somehow after this occurrence, my money went negative... I feel that it didn't check my money before allowing me to purchase the hotel, so I assume that made the narwal unhappy and he came out to say something!

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