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MCDiamond Network Rules


Forum and Discord Rules

Vulgar Language 
Any excessive profanity or vulgar language is not acceptable. This is so that all members can have a fun, enjoyable time.

Inappropriate Content 
Any inappropriate content or material is not acceptable. We try to keep things to a low level so that users of all ages can communicate.

Double Posting and Bumping
Double posting is when you post the same thread twice, and bumping is when you send an unnecessary message on a thread to move it to the top of its category. Both of these are not tolerated so we can keep the forums running smoothly.

You are not allowed to advertise other servers, discords or youtube videos on our forums. The only exception is if the youtube video was recorded on MCDiamond.

Network Chat

Bullying is not tolerated at all anywhere on the MCDiamond Network whether it be in chat, discord, private messages, or forum posts. In no manner, or situation will it ever be tolerated! If you are being bullied on MCDiamond, alert staff as soon as possible, send us a message, email us, create a forum post, whatever means necessary to contact us.

Double Posting and Spamming 
Both of these are mutable offences on the network. Double posting is where you post the same message 2 times in chat consecutively. However, spamming is when you post a message in chat 3 times or more consecutively.

Staff Disrespect
Do not disrespect our staff team. They work very hard to ensure you have the best possible experience on our network as possible. Anything from calling them "bad staff" to insulting them personally may result in you being punished.

Derogatory or disrespectful nicknames for racial groups is completely unacceptable on our network, and will result in a mute.

Any form of advertising is not allowed! If you accidentally post an IP, website URL, server IP, or anything else, you will be muted!

Suicidal Encouragement 
Any form of Suicidal language is not permitted. We don't take lightly to these manners and will mute you.

DDos or Dox Comedy
Both of these are highly illegal, and will not be tolerated on our network. Whether you say this in a joking manner or actually mean it, in both situations this offense will result in a permanent ban.

Server Rules

Anything that may give another player an unfair advantage while playing is not allowed. We strictly do not allow this on our entire network. (See bottom for approved Mods)

Exploiting or Bug Abuse
Exploiting any bug, whether Minecraft related or plugin related, for the use of personal gain or causing harm to the server or it's players will result in a ban. Please alert a member of the Admin or Owner team on the Discord ( server by means of tagging them and saying something along the lines of "I found a bug/glitch on the network that I feel should be known about", at that time, they should request more information from you in a private manner.

Ban Evasion 
Logging onto an alternate account to bypass a ban is not allowed. If you are caught doing this, you will be blacklisted from the network.

Approved Mods
*This list may be updated, modified, and have mods removed at times! Please be sure to check this page often. If you have any questions, be sure to contact a staff member!

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