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IGN: ChronicSquid
By ChronicSquid » 9 months ago

This is an ongoing thread for the version changelogs of Mineopoly

Noted Major Change:
Added Game Clock and Turn Timer

Fixed Railroads
Fixed Utilities
Fixed Jailhouse
Fixed Jailhouse Menu
Changed Inventory Layout
Updated Jailhouse Dice
Fixed issues with money transfers
Added 2 more songs to the Music Library
Fixed Server variable on the scoreboard
Updated Game Map

Inventory Overhaul
Added Server ID to Scoreboard
Bug Fixes with Chance/Community Chest
Removed 2 Chance Cards from play
Faster game reset time
Updated Map 
Fixed Armor Coloring
Updated game music selection
Enhanced game stability

Improved Message timings
Updated Countdown Messages
Corrected messages pertaining to AutoSell
Updated Jail Messages
Improved some Railroad messages
Improved/Changed title messages

Version 1.0.0 Image Text
Initial Release of Mineopoly!

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