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Survival and Games

Join us for a custom experience in Survival Minecraft!

Play to WIN

MCDiamond is a Play to win network NOT pay to win!

Minecraft Version 1.10

All servers are 1.10 and will run on any 1.10 Client. We keep our network up to date ASAP to allow players the newest experience on multiplayer.

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Vote for us every day to receive in-game cash and other rewrds! You can buy awesome stuff with the cash, so be sure to vote on all the links below.
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Do you want to show some love for our hard work? You can do that by donating to the server. In return we give you great ranks, extra permissions or in game items. How cool is that?

Visit our Minecraft Market to see the perks, items and features you get when you donate, and their prices. We really appreciate your help and your rank will be active on all servers, and on the website!


Come join us! Download minecraft!

Our servers, Join us for some fun!

Survival Spawn


MCDiamond's Minecraft survival world will take your building skills, and mind to the next level! With custom mobs, shops, economy, and the best thing yet, custom terrain generation. Check out MCDiamond's unique servival server today!

RPG Spawn


RPG bringing minecraft to the next level! With custom mobs, classes, ranks, armour, attacks and more, our RPG server is sure to keep you busy for hours on end!

SkyWars Spawn


Fight to the death on your floating island way up in the sky, be the last one standing and take home the victory!

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